PNNL maintains and manages NNSA’s Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation (DNN) Office of Radiological Security’s (formerly the Global Threat Reduction Initiative) test bed within Booth B. This ORS test bed was established as a means to test commonly deployed physical security equipment that are recommended as part of the ORS program. The booth includes several types of commonly deployed equipment that is intended to increase security within the areas of access control, assessment, detection, and delay. The configuration of the test bed and the included equipment allows for field teams to test various integration strategies that need to be addressed across the complex facilities that are included within the ORS mission space.

Field teams, including other national laboratories who support ORS are able to utilize the testbed to perform independent physical protection systems integration assessments and testing, which are essential to the selection and deployment of new security equipment. This capability allows ORS to insure that selected equipment integrates and functions at or above the quality and performance levels of the ORS mission.

In addition to common physical security equipment, the test bed also serves as one of PNNL’s primary testing and validation facilities for the ORS specific remote monitoring system (RMS) and second generation integrated remote monitoring system (iRMS). These systems are intended to provide insider threat mitigation at partner facilities and are commonly integrated into their network and intrusion detection systems. PNNL has been the lead lab for the RMS procurement and deployment and has led the design/build effort for the iRMS.