EMSL at a glance

EMSL is DOE's premier molecular sciences laboratory with state-of-the-art instruments, such as powerful microscopes, spectrometers, and a supercomputer. The instruments are used daily to help solve national and international scientific challenges. They are available to biologists, chemists, geologists, physicists, and environmental, materials, and medical research scientists.

Sustainability Features at EMSL

Sustainability is integral to our research and operations at PNNL. We combine our own scientific discoveries with sustainability best practices to achieve optimum research and efficient operations. At EMSL, we:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Laboratory

EMSL houses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instruments with fields up to 21.1 Tesla (900 MHz 1H frequency), as well as two electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometers. Researchers here develop specialized magnetic resonance hardware, including state-of-the-art probes to complement commercial magnets that are used in:

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Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer Proteomic Laboratory

EMSL's mass spectrometry capabilities enable high-throughput, high-resolution analysis of complex mixtures. These resources are applied to a broad range of scientific problems, including proteomics studies with applications in human health, biofuels and environmental remediation studies. They also support research in aerosol particle characterization and fundamental studies of ion-surface collisions and preparatory mass spectrometry using ion soft-landing. The Ion Mobility Time of Flight instrument is just one among many mass spectrometers housed at EMSL.


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Room 1210 Surface Science Laboratory

EMSL houses a suite of spectroscopy and diffraction instruments, some of which are located in the surface science laboratory. These instruments allow users to study the structure and composition of solid, liquid and gas samples with molecular resolution. EMSL's spectroscopy and diffraction technology contributes to an unparalleled collection of capabilities designed to support an integrated experimental and computational approach to research challenges.

Research areas include:


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Room 1102

EMSL's Cell Isolation and Systems Analysis instruments, located in the high-sensitivity laser imaging laboratory, are part of an unparalleled collection of capabilities designed to support research that integrates experimental and computational tools. These instruments advance cellular research at the molecular level and systems biology using integrated omics and high-resolution quantitative imaging approaches.

Research areas include:


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